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Why Choose North Florida Music Academy?

Personalized Attention

Our private, one-on-one lessons ensure that you receive undivided attention tailored to your unique pace and learning style. We offer instruction across a wide range of instruments, making it convenient to schedule lessons for multiple family members.

Expert Teaching

We excel in teaching, not just performing. Unlike some musicians who may struggle to convey musical concepts to beginners or children, our experienced instructors have mastered the art of effective teaching. Our proven methods and engaging interactions make learning music enjoyable and accessible for all ages.

Adaptive Teaching Styles

Our flexible approach caters to various learning styles. Having taught hundreds of students, we've perfected techniques that resonate with each individual's needs, ensuring a productive and enjoyable learning experience.

Path to Success

Our students achieve great success, gaining acceptance into prestigious programs such as the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra, arts schools like LaVilla and Douglas Anderson, Jazz and Concert Bands, and FBA Solo and Ensemble auditions. We provide the guidance and support needed to reach your musical goals.

Performance Opportunities

We believe in the importance of performance. Our students have at least two opportunities each year to showcase their talents in formal recitals, including our grand summer recital at the historic Friday Musicale venue.

Fun & Engaging Lessons

Passion drives us, and we aim to instill a lifelong love of music in our students. By incorporating a variety of music styles and interactive games, we make learning fun and engaging, fostering a deep appreciation for music.

Student Performances

A Few of Our Students

Photos courtesy of Dana Baez

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