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Starting piano lessons as early as age 4 is common, and for good reason. The piano is not only a timeless and beautiful instrument, but it also serves as an excellent foundation for learning other instruments. Students will master music theory and explore a variety of music styles throughout their journey. All levels are welcome!


Vocal students will learn proper technique, ear training, music theory, and stage presence. Expand your vocal range by singing in various styles, from Country to Broadway. Our personalized lessons will cater to your unique voice, ensuring you are excited and confident to perform. We recommend combining vocal lessons with an instrument, such as piano, to refine your skills further. Suitable for ages 4 and up.


Learning to play the Guitar or Bass Guitar is a rewarding experience. Whether you choose acoustic or electric, you'll master the fundamentals and enjoy playing in various styles, from Jazz and Blues to Rock. Lessons are available for all levels, ages 8 and up.


Drummers are the backbone of any good performance. You will learn proper technique and rhythms that will allow you to play with confidence, whether in a school band, a rock band, or just for fun. We cater to all levels, ages 6 and up.


Our string lessons include Violin, Viola, and Cello. Starting from a young age, students will master music theory and explore different music styles. String instruments offer a rich and rewarding musical journey for all levels, recommended for ages 4-5 and up.


Whether you aim to play in a concert band or learn a woodwind instrument for fun, we offer lessons in Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Bassoon, and Oboe. You will master music theory and technique while playing a variety of genres, from classical to pop. Suitable for all levels, ages 9 and up.


The brass family includes French Horn, Trumpet, and Trombone. Students will master music theory and technique, exploring everything from classical to pop music. Enjoy playing your chosen instrument solo or in a concert band. Lessons are available for all levels, ages 9 and up.

And More!

North Florida Music Academy also offers lessons for Banjo, Mandolin, and Ukulele. Give us a call to schedule your lesson and start your musical journey!

The ages listed are only recommendations. Each child is unique, and factors like size and attention span significantly influence their readiness to start playing an instrument. We are happy to discuss your child's individual needs and help you determine the best time to begin lessons. Please give us a call to inquire!

$130 month
  • Weekly Half-Hour Private Lesson
  • All Levels & Most Ages
  • Multiple Instrument & Family Discount Available!
  • $35 Lifetime Family Membership Fee

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To enroll, simply fill out the registration form and email it back to us or print and bring to your first lesson. Call us to choose from available time slots and to pay the registration fee and first month's tuition to secure your lesson!

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